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Preamble (SITE) is managed by SC Tudor Communication SRL which can be contacted by e-mail: and mailing address: str.Culmea Veche, No. 2, Sector 3, Bucharest 011683. Access to the full content is conditioned by entering a user-name and password and the payment from.

During the registration process in the system, both for companies or individuals, the user will be asked to provide contact details. The registration form will contain detailed contact information of the user that will be used to identify and directly contact the user so that the subscription process to be as quick as possible.

To use the services offered by  you agree:

  1. To provide true, accurate and complete information as requested in the registration form.
  2. To update personal information to keep it true, accurate and complete. When providing incomplete or false info, has the right to suspend or terminate your account and to refuse your current or future use of;
  3. Intellectual Property Protection
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    3. Removing access to
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    5. Register, passwords and responsibilities
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    10. Governing law and jurisdiction
  4. Intellectual Property Protection content and design (and any other material related to this) sent or provided to you belong to Tudor Communication and co-workers – where this is expressly stated or not stated another author – (Copyright). They are protected by intellectual property laws. You may not use, reproduce or allow anyone to use or reproduce the materials without written permission – a subscription form if you are a company or an account login, if you are a journalist.
Economic rights on your texts, comments, postings on will be passed on to Tudor Comunication as soon as you post them. After posting them on, you continue to have moral copyright on them. By default, you still have the right to use those texts in any way you like. By displaying or publishing any texts, comments, messages, etc. on the site, you give us a limited, non-exclusive license to use, modify, publish, copy and share these texts.

  1. Using content of

As a journalist, you can copy and print content from  or journalistic purposes. In all other cases, content may not be reproduced, modified and operated, regardless of the commercial or non-commercial exploitation of this.
The actions described below are not allowed without prior written permission from

a. Reproduction or storage of Content and sending the content to another website, server or any other information storage.
b. modify, publish, transmit or participating in the transfer, sale, distribution of materials made by reproducing, modifying or displaying the Content, without the previous written permission from us.
c. removing the signs signifying copyright

Any use of content from in purposes other than expressly permitted herein is prohibited. Requests to use Content for other purposes than expressly permitted herein may be sent to the email address

  1. Stop access to Tudor Communication

The access to the content or part of this content can be suspended without notice or formality.

4.Changes made for

Tudor Communication reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or remove any portion of Also, reserves the right to restrict user access to part or all of its content.

  1. Registration, passwords, responsibilities

Your access to certain services and information within is protected by a password. Please do not disclose this password to anyone. will never ask unsolicited password and accounts via messages or calls. We ask that you not reveal the password.

These tips are designed to remove unauthorized access to personal information and correspondence when working in a network computer located in a public place. (internet cafes, for example).

Unfortunately, no data transmission directly by the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Accordingly, despite our efforts to protect your personal information, can not guarantee the security of information transmitted by you to us to and from our online services or products. Therefore we warn you that any information sent to us will be on your own risk.
Each registration is for a single user. It is forbidden to share access data (username and password) on the account In case it discoveres attacks of this kind, reserves the right to cancel or suspend your access to content.

  1. Communication platforms provided by

This site can provide a communication platform between you and other users (reviews articles system). As can not and is not interested in filtering messages posted or sent by its users via these communication platforms, we reserve the right (which may be exercised at the time we choose without prior notice) to delete, move or edit these messages or to restrict access to some users at one of its communication platforms. For comments posted by users, the items listed in the website, the responsibility rests entirely on the content of their authors. reserves the right not to publish those comments contrary to the terms and conditions of use or that they consider harmful, in any form, for the self-image, or for the partners or third parties involved.

You are solely responsible for the content of your messages. Be aware that posting or transmitting comments via communication platforms offered by us is subject to the following limitations:
– You can not publish, transmit or make reference to any message can contain a form widely recognized in society as “advertising” to various categories of goods and services.
– You can not publish, transmit or referre users or members of  any unsolicited commercial message, whether the reference is made or not through communication systems provided by us or by other means of communication.
– You can not publish, transmit or referre to in any posts containing recommendations to buy or not to buy a particular product or service.
– You can not publish, transmit or referre to in any posts that contain texts unlawful, threatening, abusive, indecent, which violate copyright rules or other rights that a third party has.
– You can not publish, transmit or in any way refer to messages containing viruses or any other code sequences that prove to be destructive or that may interrupt, or limit the functionality of or any other systems (hardware or software).
– You can not collect any personally identifiable information from users or members of

By submitting your messages to or through any means of communication, you agree that you are solely responsible and indemnify for any damage, cost or profit limitations arising from the posting, transmitting or setpointing by your messages whose content violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph limitations.

  1. Special warnings

Although every time it strives to ensure quality and accuracy of published articles on the site, can not guarantee, express or implied, as to its content, the, software, products and services published under its aegis. will not be responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, caused directly or indirectly for any direct or indirect lack of profit (including, but without any limitation to this enumeration: damages for loss of profit,`interruption of business or other pecuniary loss) occurred as a result of the use or discontinuation of use or the lack of regularity of the information and services provided by the site, even if you were previously warned that if you use such information without a consultant can generate such damages. does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the information or services provided by the site. Also does not guarantee that information systems or software used for displaying or transmitting the information on the website or in any other form does not contain viruses or other destructive code sequences or other destructive properties.

You agree to indemnify for any judicial or extrajudicial actions and to cover legal costs and any other expenses that may arise as a result of your breach of the terms of this contract.

  1. Major Force, affiliates and / or suppliers of information for will not be liable for any delay or error in the content provided by our publications, resulting directly or indirectly from causes that do not depend on our will.

  1. Conclusions powered by Tudor Communication, is entitled, without notice and without fulfillment of other formalities, to change the terms of this Agreement. When these terms will change, will notify users through a message posted on the front page which will contain a link that refers to the new form of this document. Access to the site and using our services after the notification date or posting comments on the front page of involve the granting agreement on new terms of this Agreement.

There are some services offered by which may be subject to different terms that will be displayed in a visible place. Content provided by third parties: parts of may be provided by third parties that has contracts to supply content. Also within content may include advertising section in which display advertising messages of third persons. is not responsible for the content pages that are linked from within.

  1. Law governing the rights and obligations of the agreement

The rights and obligations of the agreement and all legal effects this Agreement produces shall be mediated and governed by Romanian laws in force. Any dispute which concerns the agreement will be brought before the Romanian courts of justice.